Modeling and Simulation

Moshman Research uses the most advance commercially available simulation tools as well as actively developed research codes and government owned codes for providing a variety of physics simulation capabilities. We run ANSYS Fluent for fluid dynamics simulations of the flow around airplane wings, helicopter rotors and automobiles, for example. For more specialized applications we run the open-source SU2 code. For the multi-physics flow around a hypersonic vehicle we have used NASA’s Multiphysics Application with Particles (MAP) and their Fully Implicit Ablative and Thermal Analysis Program (FIAT). For simulating magnetically confined plasmas we have the equilibrium code CORSICA and the more detailed NIMROD code. We also develop custom algorithms to integrate with or analyze these simulation tools.

We have experience developing and using for analysis several government codes used by the Missile Defense Agency, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and others. These codes include models for chemistry, magneto-hydrodynamics, communications, space physics and trajectories.