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About Us

Moshman Research was founded in late 2020 to meet the demand in the research and development (R&D) industry for affordable high-fidelity modeling and design optimization. Moshman Research began with a mission to discover and develop technical solutions where they are needed most. Highlights include shape optimization in rotating flows that advanced technologies in hydrokinetic power and wildfire suppression. We have grown to support both government and industry clients with successful past performance to exceed project requirements.  

We specialize in

Modeling and Simulation Design Optimization Control System Design Algorithm Engineering

Meet The Team

The dynamic team at Moshman Research encompasses over 50 years of technical experience. Moshman Research effectively and efficiently utilizes subject matter expertise to solve problems that are both challenging and impactful. 

Nathan Moshman, PhD

Founder and Principal Scientist

Brian Sobulefsky, PE

Computational Scientist

Jody Woods

Director of Engineering

Hemanth Vikash Kannan Rajan

Machine Learning Engineer

Vaibhav Kukreja, PhD

Chief Computational Scientist