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Data Visualization Tool for Space

The space environment is highly complex, with a large number of space objects and potential threats. To manage this, our client needed a tool that could provide real-time updates on the location and behavior of space objects and provide alerts and courses of action in case of potential collisions or other hazards. Moshman Research was […]

Controlling Swarms of Satellites

In collaboration with Professor Venanzio Cichella at the University of Iowa, Moshman Research is developing a control framework for autonomously controlling swarms of satellites for future NASA missions.

Laser Scattering in the Atmosphere

When we see a laser beam, it is because the light scattered off air molecules in the atmosphere and some of it was in the direction of our eye. The distribution of the scattered light can be predicted well in many situations. In this paper, we use a Mie scattering model to invert a received […]

Weight Prediction in Climb Assist Systems

At Moshman Research, we’re passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve complex problems across diverse industries. One area where we’ve seen significant success is in the development of our weight prediction algorithm, which uses a unique blend of machine learning and physics optimization to deliver unparalleled accuracy and insights. So, how does it work? Our […]