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The space environment is highly complex, with a large number of space objects and potential threats. To manage this, our client needed a tool that could provide real-time updates on the location and behavior of space objects and provide alerts and courses of action in case of potential collisions or other hazards.

Moshman Research was uniquely positioned to take on this challenge, with a team that combined domain knowledge in physics with technical expertise in data visualization and machine learning. We built a custom data visualization tool that incorporated real-time data from various space-tracking sources, allowing the clients to quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Similar tool used by SpaceX

Our tool utilized real time data streams to identify and track space objects. The resulting visualization allowed the client to see the location and behavior of space objects at a glance, with alerts and courses of action presented as needed.

The tool has been instrumental in helping the client to effectively manage the space environment, with potential applications in a variety of industries and contexts, including air traffic control, maritime navigation, and more. At Moshman Research, we are proud to have been a part of this novel project and to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in data visualization.