Fire Suppression

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Given the present fire conditions, Moshman Research seeks to use our expertise to support fire fighting and advance fire suppression capabilities. This idea is in it’s infancy but we are looking for any good feedback, interested partners and investors.

Fire-fighting helicopters presently carry a large tank of water and then drop it all at once on the fire. If the water could be spread out more evenly and over a greater area, the effect on fire containment and suppression could be more significant. This could lead to containing fires before they spread out of control.

What if the water came out of the spinning rotor? That certainly seems like it has enough energy to spread the water out. Picture a sky-sprinkler. Ultimately, there would be a fleet of unmanned versions, called in for problem areas during fire season or drought. They could be a fast-response option or proactive, running missions from a reservoir to the forests day and night for a period of time near populated areas next to dry forests.

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