Moshman Research has teamed up with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, BladeRunnery Energy and C-Motive Technologies on an ARPA-E funding opportunity to design an underwater turbine for river-generated power.

Moshman Research has partnered with Applied Optimization and the University of Alabama in Huntsville on two Phase I NASA proposals.

Moshman Research is a modeling and simulation consultant in partnership with KETIV Technologies.

VertueLab, in Portland Oregon, engages with and supports us in our pursuit of SBIR funding.

Moshman Research has partnered with Creative Brains for Product Strategy Consulting.

Moshman Research is partnering with ANSYS for simulating fluid flow in Workbench with the FLUENT solver. #ANSYSstartup

Moshman Research is an avid user of MATLAB and a participant of the Mathworks Startup Program.