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Ansys and Microsoft Azure Highlight Moshman Research Case Study

Our case study on shape optimization of a ducted fan is complete. This proof-of-concept calculation supports the development of a heavy-lift autonomous wildfire suppression platform. We are delighted that Ansys and Microsoft Azure have selected this work for highlighting what is possible with high-fidelity software and high-performance computing. Read more the Ansys website Moshman Research […]

New Publication in Collaboration with the University of Oxford

Moshman Research and the University of Oxford are collaborating on rigorous mathematical results on the stability of supersonic flow interfaces, some of which are newly published by the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences. More work is in underway. Read the full paper. Get involved!

Clean Hydropower System Testing in Alaska

The first week of testing our team’s clean hydropower system is complete. Team members from Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, BladeRunner Energy and LifeWater Scientific as well as the Alaska Board of Fish and Wildlife all traveled out to the Alaska Hydrokinetic Energy Research Center (AHERC) on […]

Moshman Research presents Conference Publication at 2021 AIAA Aviation Forum

Nathan Moshman and Brian Sobulefsky present research on helicopter noise modeling at the 2021 AIAA Aviation Forum in the Propeller, Rotorcraft and V/STOL Noise Session. The work, entitled ‘Helicopter Acoustics Model (HAM): A Mid-Fidelity Aeroacoustics Model for Predicting Helicopter Noise using Limited Measurements’, demonstrates a proof-of-concept calculation for predicting helicopter noise and identifying parameters in […]

Moshman Research will be Hydrodynamics Lead on ARPA-e funded research

Just announced, Moshman Research will be part of a 3 year, $3.3M research effort to develop hydrokinetic riverine turbines for delivering clean, economically viable energy to remote communities! Teaming up with the University of Alaska Fairbanks, BladeRunner Energy, C-Motive Technologies and FibreMax, Moshman Research will be the Hydrodynamics Lead. We will simulate and optimize the performance of […]

Moshman Research teams up on ARPA-E funded Hydrokinetic Turbine Development Proposal for River Power

Moshman Research is teaming up with the University of Alaska Fairbanks and C-Motive Technologies on an ARPA-E funding opportunity. The 3-year effort would result in a cost efficient under-water turbine system for delivering clean energy to remote communities. Moshman Research is team Hydrodynamics Lead. Using computational fluid dynamics modeling and advanced optimization algorithms we will […]

Moshman Research Designs Covid-19 Breathalyzer with Novel Bioaerosol Sorter

Moshman Research recently developed a Covid-19 Breathalyzer which would allow for personal, persistent and non-invasive testing for the coronavirus. We came up with a creative way to filter out the non-covid bioaerosols from your breath and only measure covid. In your breath are bioaerosols about 1-10 microns in size. Our novel idea uses the difference […]

Nathan Moshman gives Tech Talk at AFIT

This 50 minute talk was presented January 31, 2019 at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) in Dayton, OH. The audience was made up of Air Force master’s students, researchers and administration, but the students were the target. The talk shows how one would, starting with only open-source software and mathematical models, build a tool […]