Moshman Research develops technologies for hard-tech problems, partners on larger research projects and consults for small businesses. Our expertise is greatest in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and optimization and we offer modeling and simulation and software development consulting in these areas. We have the full suite of ANSYS tools to simulate a range of physics from electromagnetics to fluid-structure interactions. Coupling these powerful tools with our own algorithm development and experience enables us to fully investigate a problem. This is how we deliver value to our customers and how we advance our own technologies. We have a proven track record delivering technical solutions to U.S. government agencies and industry customers. We are here to work on hard problems for a better future. If you are interested in our technologies, need our expertise or have an idea to develop, please reach out on our contact page

Moshman Research presented a 50 minute talk entitled “A New Tool for Hypersonic Flow Control Applications” to an audience of researchers at the Air Force Research Lab at Edwards AFB, CA on April 17, 2019.

The full CV for the Founder of Moshman Research, Nathan Moshman, is available for download as a PDF in the following link:





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