Moshman Research was founded in 2017 to accelerate research in the space, defense, aerospace and energy industries. Specializing in modeling and simulation, control system design, software development and optimization, we have proven experience delivering technical solutions to NASA, the Department of Energy, the Missile Defense Agency, the Office of Naval Research and industry customers. Most recently we supported the Hypersonics Collaborative at the Air Force Institute of Technology, designing the framework for a hypersonic control system. We are partnered with ANSYS and MathWorks and have the computational tools and resources to solve your problem. Moshman Research offers R&D, technology maturation and engineering consulting services. Let us solve your problem!


Moshman Research presented a 50 minute talk entitled “A New Tool for Hypersonic Flow Control Applications” to an audience of researchers at the Air Force Research Lab at Edwards AFB, CA on April 17, 2019.

Areas of Expertise

Theoretical and numerical work in Compressible Flow, Two-Phase Flow, Optimal Control, Control Algorithms, Plasma Dynamics, Fusion Applications, Accelerator Applications, Radiative Transfer, Inversion Methods, Nuclear Environment and Artificial Radiation Belt Modelling, Hypersonic Re-Entry Optimization, Nanosat flight software.




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The full CV for the Founder of Moshman Research, Nathan Moshman, is available for download as a PDF in the following link: