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Clean Hydropower System Testing in Alaska

The first week of testing our team's clean hydropower system is complete. Team members from Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) at the University... Read More "Clean Hydropower System Testing in Alaska"

Moshman Research presents Conference Publication at 2021 AIAA Aviation Forum

Nathan Moshman and Brian Sobulefsky present research on helicopter noise modeling at the 2021 AIAA Aviation Forum in the Propeller, Rotorcraft and V/STOL Noise Session.... Read More "Moshman Research presents Conference Publication at 2021 AIAA Aviation Forum"

Moshman Research hired by SafeWorks for intelligent powered access solution design

SafeWorks, the world leader in powered access solutions, has hired Moshman Research to design an intelligent control system for their EasyClimb Controller. Soon, the controller... Read More "Moshman Research hired by SafeWorks for intelligent powered access solution design"

Modeling and Simulation

Moshman Research has decades of in-house experience using the ANSYS tool suite for multi-physics simulations. We run ANSYS Fluent for fluid dynamics simulations of the flow around airplane wings, helicopter rotors and automobiles, for example. We run the Maxwell and Motor-CAD tools for designing electric motors. For fluid-structure interaction simulations, such as an industrial flow meter or revolving turbine, we couple the mechanical solver to Fluent. We also develop custom algorithms to integrate with or analyze these simulation tools.

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Data Science and Machine Learning

With an increasing amount of data flowing into the market, there is an ever-growing need to make sense of the data and put it into good use. We can do everything from streamlining business with customer information to aiding big machinery with Data Science. At Moshman Research, we have successfully incorporated Data Science and Machine Learning into the projects mentioned below.


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