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Software Development

Software Development

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Moshman Research has experience delivering award-winning software to the government. Tools we have worked on are now the standard in the defense community for certain nuclear threat assessments.

We have developed numeric methods for Green’s Function problems in aeroacoustics and trapped radiation, conservative flux-based methods for compressible and two-phase flows, integration methods for stiff ODEs in a chemistry set, Galerkin methods for PDEs and all manner of optimization and control algorithms.

Other services we can offer include developing of physics codes, interfacing codes, and verification and validation of codes with custom external routines.

We run Linux, Windows and Mac with Nvidia GPU acceleration capability. We are most familiar with the C, C++, Fortran, MATLAB, Mex, Python and Swift programming languages and tools.

In addition, we have deployed mobile apps on iOS that use the Sprite Kit physics engine, interface with MIDI audio and optimize a portfolio using financial data fetched in real-time. We are interested interested in how the mobile platform can give new opportunities for research and learning.

If you are interested in our software development services, please fill out our contact form.