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Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation

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Moshman Research uses the most advance commercially available simulation tools as well as actively developed research codes and government owned codes for providing a variety of physics simulation capabilities.

Moshman Research has deep experience in fluid dynamics modeling and simulation with a particular focus on external compressible flows like blast waves and flows around an airplane wing or helicopter rotor. Here are some examples:

Subsonic flow around a NACA0012 airfoil at Mach 0.3 and an angle-of-attack of 4 degrees.
Pressure field around a rotating helicopter blade with a tip speed of Mach 0.9
Blast wave emanating from the exhaust plane of a solid-grain rocket booster during ignition.
Flow of bioaerosols in human breath around a target in a tube.

Moshman Research simulates electro-magnetic devices using the ANSYS Maxwell tool as well as Motor-CAD for electric engine design.

Magnetic field contour cross-section of brushless permanent magnet electric engine.

We run ANSYS Fluent for fluid dynamics simulations of the flow around airplane wings, helicopter rotors and automobiles, for example. We run the Maxwell and Motor-CAD tools for designing electric motors. For fluid-structure interaction simulations, such as a vibrating pipe or revolving turbine, we couple the mechanical solver to Fluent. We also develop custom algorithms to integrate with or analyze these simulation tools.

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